Google Adwords Management Solutions

If you want to position your Online Casino or E-commerce website in front of your target audience within 24 hours then the best way to achieve this is using Pay Per Click Advertising.

Launched by Google in the Autumn of 2000, Google Adwords is an extremely cost effective way of advertising your products and services online, not only on the Google Search Engine itself, but also on other external content appropriate websites using Google Display and the wider Search Network.

How It Works…

Google Adwords is an online auction system and it works by simply paying Google whenever a user clicks on your ad. You are in full control of how much you wish to spend on each of these ad clicks, combined with how much of a budget you’d like to put towards your campaigns.

Google Ads offers businesses a fantastic option because reaching your target audience using Organic Search Engine Optimisation can take 6-12 months, and even then there are no guarantees that you’ll rank.

Google Ads and other marketing channels

Google Adwords is complimentary to your other online and offline marketing channels because it creates brand awareness that can be followed-up by your users via Organic SEO, Social Media Marketing, even in-store.

We often find ourselves working in partnership with other creative / branding agencies, combining our clients brand awareness campaigns with Google PPC and Remarketing activities, ensuring that we are discovering users who are genuinely interested in your products / services.

The Stack Digital Team are well-versed when it comes to taking an holistic approach to your marketing campaign, integrating Pay-per-click advertising into your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.

Our core focus is to understand your customers and the role search plays in their journey to conversion. By understanding this, we can cut through to the most valuable traffic and minimise waste, whilst focusing on conversion using the methods below:.

PPC Strategy
Adwords Account Management
Ad Segmentation and Writing
Bid Management
Reporting and Analysis
Location Targeting
Performance monitoring


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