Stack Digital are experts in Remarketing – a method of targeting users who have previously visited and engagement with your website/platform.
By targeting appropriate ads at specific times, audiences and webpages, users can be encouraged to become profitable customers.
Our experience of remarketing, sometimes known as retargeting, is cross-sector, and includes iGaming, B2B/B2C and Retail.

Google’s Display Network

The Google Display Network gives you the opportunity to target website visitors as they browse the web. As they do this, our team is able to plan and segment your target audience, placing ads in front where they are most likely to engage and convert.

The Display Network (GDN) is best used to promote something or gain brand recognition. This could be for example a promotion that you have for your Online Casino, e.g. Free bets, or a 50% off sale on certain brands in your online store. It’s a fantastic way of telling customers about something new that you’re launching, like a new product / service, and Stack Digital can help you develop an audience based on user behaviour.

The Display Network is a great way of attracting new visitors to your brand in order to convert them, whether you’re a plug and play online retail store or a large online casino.

Remarketing Lists

RLSAs (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) allow our team to set-up and serve Google search ads to the end-users who have previously engaged with your brand. This can be most effectively achieved by setting-up a group of search ads that will only trigger if a user is on your RLSA and ONLY if they are searching for keywords that you are bidding on.

Remarketing Lists work particularly well in situations where users have recently came across your website and placed a product in their shopping basket but then abandoned. Using RLSA’s, our team can serve a suitable ad with a personalised message for each customer based on their previous search behaviour. This could for example include some kind of special promotion/discounted offer to help encourage them to come back around and convert.

Video Remarketing

Stack also use Video Remarketing to target your audience with creative advertising methods when they have previously visited your YouTube channel. This can be linked to your Google Ads account in order to align with your remarketing strategy/lists, so that the video ads are suitably tailored to your prospective customers.

Our core focus is to understand your customers and the role search plays in their journey to conversion. By understanding this, we can cut through to the most valuable traffic and minimise waste, whilst focusing on conversion.

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