"SEO is not just about getting traffic, it's about getting relevant traffic that converts"

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    iGaming SEO
    Stack Digital's team members have worked with numerous Online Casino's and Sports Betting websites.
    eCommerce SEO
    Working with your internal e-commerce and marketing teams, Stack specialise in SEO for Online Retailers, and the team have successfully worked with 100's.
    We consider all of the 'on-page' factors that impact upon where the search engines decide to place your website.
    Content Marketing and Analysis
    We create a unique content strategy for our clients that both engages and persuades users to convert. Slack Digital exists to bring together the power of creative marketing solutions with real-time data
    Link Building
    Stack Digital acquires both relevant and authoritative links from partners that provide value to your website/platform. These come from popular influencers, directories, affiliates, blogs, the media and other sources, all with a quality guarantee.
    Local SEO
    Stack Digital take control of your local search engine listings; Google and Bing, making sure that your nearest customers discover your products and services quickly.

    What Makes Us different from other SEO agencies?

    When it comes to the world of SEO and Search Engine Marketing, the first thing that differentiates Stack Digital from the rest is our approach.

    Now I know what you’re thinking, “We’ve heard this all before from the previous 3 or 4 SEO agencies that we’ve worked with, all we want are tangible results”.

    We appreciate that it’s not just about vanity metrics and getting you page-1 for “Online Casino” or “Law Firms in Newcastle”. SEO is about understanding your business needs and planning, uncovering and implementing clever Search Engine Optimisation strategies that target your most profitable keywords, driving targeted customer traffic.

    What’s our USP?

    Unlike many other Search Engine Optimisation Agencies, we don’t limit the time we spend on your SEO campaign. We deliver based on the activity that is required to achieve the goals / KPI’s established before your campaign starts. This way, you have a much better chance at gaining great results and staying with us for the long haul.

    In addition, when it comes to Link Acquisition Strategy, we don’t put a stipulation on the number of links that we will acquire for you each week/month. This is because, to maintain a natural link profile, some weeks we may encourage Domain Authority 10-20’s, then the following week, we may look at DA 50’s and 60’s. To keep a variation for Google, this is the best strategy to help you rank and drive traffic to your site/platform.

    Our SEO Process

    Discovery Workshop

    Firstly, we start with a discovery workshop with you and your stakeholders. This could include for example, your web design agency, freelance developer, Head of Marketing or Business Growth Strategist. This is where we spend a few hours discussing and finding out all about your organisation, it’s customers, value propositions, key partners, products and services/solutions, any unique selling points, pricing, revenue streams and more. We also outline what’s expected from all parties and the kind of information needed to deliver a successful search engine marketing campaign, e.g. Google Search Console Access, Analytics logins etc.

    Technical SEO Audit

    Then once we have conducted and reported on our discovery session, its onto your Technical Search Engine Optimisation Audit. This takes 3/4 days to complete and gives us the foundation by which we can help to get your ranking.

    Keyword and Competitor Analysis

    After the Technical Audit, we then deliver a detailed Keyword and Competitor Keyword Analysis, with the purpose of a) establishing the opportunity keywords and low-hanging fruit (what can you rank for quickly that will drive traffic and conversions) and b) look at how your competitors rank for various keyword sets and establish the reasons why, then finally c) Gather an audited list of keywords (no minimum or maximum number – this simply depends on he size and scale of your organisation), and target these in your campaign.

    On-page SEO

    Then we move onto the On-Page Search Engine Optimisation factors. This includes META Data, Content Strategy, Internal Site Structure, Mobile Usability, Page Load Speed and more, making recommendations for either a) your team to implement in-house or b) for our SEO’s to implement for you and your team.

    Off-page SEO

    This is where we look at your Link Profile, Off-page Content and Social Media Mentions and Back Links. This is what gives your web pages and overall site/platform, authority, and this is a key strategy to drive traffic uplift.

    Get Your FREE SEO Analysis Today!

    Before you decide which SEO agency to partner with, please do take a look at our FREE Technical Search Engine Audit/Review. It’s probably one of the most comprehensive that you’ll read and it covers the following key areas:

    • On-page SEO Technical Analysis – Taking stock of the main factors when it comes to how your website was built, e.g. META Data, On-page tags, Internal Linking Structure, H1-H6 tags, Image Alt Tags, Page Load Speed, 301/302 re-directs and a whole lot more.
    • Keyword and Competitor Positional Review – Where do you rank for the commercially important search terms in your sector? What are the trends and what are your competitors doing well to rank for said keywords?
    • Content Marketing Analysis – Looking at all of your content and analysing it for non-unique and duplicate articles, posts, keywords, product names, gaming pages etc. Then making recommendations for content that is engaging and persuasive.
    • Competitor Link Review / Profile – We conduct a detailed analysis of the links into your website platform and that of your competitors, using the best tools in the business. Then we make recommendations on how we would go about gaining valuable, high domain authority back links to your website.
    • CRO and User Experience Review – Does your platform use persuasive content? Are appropriate calls to action in place? Have you tested your landing pages to make sure that they funnel your customers appropriately?


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