Best iGaming SEO Tips

The Online Gambling and iGaming Betting sector in the UK is super-competitive and both entry-level operators and established industry giants alike are implementing increasingly creative strategies in order to stand out from the crowd.

For Online Casinos, Sports Betting websites and Affiliates, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains one of the most powerful tools available to get in front of new players. When executed correctly, a strong organic search engine optimisation plan has the potential to drive a range of significant and tangible results, including boosting organic traffic and reducing cost per acquisition far below that of other online advertising channels, like PPC or Social for example.

The importance of a strong SEO strategy cannot be overstated, but whilst getting ahead of the competition may be crucial, it is imperative that you avoid relying on Black Hat SEO tactics that will eventually impede growth, and negatively impact player revenue. To give you an idea as to some of the tactics that are best avoided, here is a selection of the most frequently made search engine optimisation errors:

Do not Overlook technical SEO

Google looks at literally 100’s of ranking factors when evaluating where to put your Online Casino or Sportsbook. Technical SEO should be an integral component of your overall search strategy and, ideally, be an on-going process that allows for consistent identification of new ways to improve your online presence. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough technical audit of your existing website as this information will provide you with a good understanding of the areas that will benefit most from your immediate attention.

Stay away from Spammy / Toxic Backlinks

Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm favours websites with a natural and good quality backlink profile when determining ranking positions in results pages (SERPs). Securing high-quality links from authoritative sources can help you to gain maximum visibility in SERPs for key search terms and phrases. Although it might be tempting to increase your link profile by acquiring as many as possible regardless as to their quality, it is likely to have a negative impact on your ranking position over the long term, largely because low-quality links often attract high levels of spam. This is important if you are to avoid the risk of experiencing a marked drop in rankings or risk being removed from SERPs altogether.

Discounting voice search

Voice search has been growing in popularity for several years and the increase in voice assistant usage means that it has become an important consideration when optimising your site. The key to optimising for voice search is to focus on understanding user intent, which is information that can be used when creating the valuable content your audience wants to see.

Publishing poor quality content

The term ‘content is king’ has become a bit of a cliché but this sentiment is still true today. Investing in high quality content is an integral part of establishing your business as a reputable, leading figure within your niche and out-performing your closest competitors. It is important to provide your audience with information they can’t find anywhere else and to showcase the value of your operation.

A frequent content audit will help you to determine where fresh or replacement content will be most beneficial, which will ensure the content you are investing in is best placed to deliver the information your ideal audience is searching for.


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