Technical Search engine optimisation

On-site / Technical SEO is the process that we embark on to make sure that your website / platform it crawled regularly by the search engines. It involves any technical activity that influences search engine visibility. This includes and is by no means limited to the following:

  • Website / Platform Structure and URL Optimisation
  • Mobile Usability / Optimisation
  • Webpage Load Speed
  • META Data Optimisation
  • H1’s – H6 Tags
  • Ahref Image Tags
  • 301/302 Page Re-directs
  • Canonical (Duplicate and Similar Content Tags)
  • Unminified JavaScript or CSS Code
  • XML Sitemap
  • Secure SSL
  • Robots.txt File Optimised
  • Optimise any 404 pages
  • Strucured Data Organisation
  • Language Tags

Think of technical SEO like building the foundations of your new house. You plan it and put the most suitable materials and building blocks in place before you embark on creating your dream home!

How We Carry Out Technical SEO

By aligning with your website developers, we plan and implement the required website changes so that the search engines rank you much more favourably.

Our SEO Account Managers use Slack / Trello / Basecamp and Google Docs to ensure that all technical search activities are kept on track and delivered on both sides.

Keyword research
On-page optimisation
Authority link building
Competitor analysis
Content marketing
Performance monitoring

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