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    Here at Stack we are Google Premier Partners. All this means is that Google trusts us to manage our clients Adwords campaigns to an extremely high level of both spend and segmentation, getting the most conversions for their budgets.

    Bing Ads can be a very lucrative channel and Bing still remains a very popular browser, especially for our friends in the US.

    PPC Strategy

    Pay Per Click Strategy

    Many of our customers run both Organic SEO and PPC campaigns together, bidding on keywords in the Google / Bing Ads Auction that they struggle to rank for in the organic SERP’s.

    We kick-off our PPC strategy with a discovery workshop focussing on factors like your commercially important keywords including which products/services make the most margin and which territories are you best placed to serve. This allows us to thoroughly understand your business, its model, operations, the sector as a whole and where we should be positioning you online.

    We then agree on a range of KPI’s that make a campaign successful for you, e.g. a minimum £ROI of 20%. or a 50% return on Ad Spend. Without agreeing on your goals as a business, it’s impossible to gauge the success of your Google / Bing Ads campaign.

    Remarketing for Google Ads

    We use Remarketing Campaigns to encourage your target customers who have already dropped in to your website/visited your Facebook page, to come back again and complete a conversion action. This action could be a product enquiry, purchase, comment/like, deposit etc.

    Data-driven PPC strategy

    Data Driven insights

    Stack Digital uses advanced bidding software combined with in-house statisticians targeting brand, generic and long-tail keywords, ensuring that you’re getting the best quality website traffic, at the optimum time of day and for the least cost.

    Ad Copy Writing for Google and Bing Ads

    Adcopy Writing

    Our PPC team both optimise and create engaging ad copy across Google, Bing and Facebook Ads. Your Ad Campaign copy are directly aligned and laser-focussed towards your website’s landing pages, making certain that users convert into paying customers/players.

    Take a FREE Google / Bing Ads Review? 

    Because we’re an extremely friendly bunch here at Stack, we are more than happy to give you 30-mins of our time completely FREE of any charge or commercial obligation. This time will be spent with you on a screenshare, analysing your Google / Bing / Facebook Advertising campaign, making sure that you’re squeezing every last penny out of it, and generating great quality enquiries/sales.


    For a no obligation quote on your digital campaign, feel free to call us today on 01642 425 585 or simply drop us a quick message using the form below:

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