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Stack have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most prominent Casinos in the UK and the reason for that is simply this:

  • We achieve top-3 organic positions for search intent driven keywords that convert users into players
  • By creating engaging content that encourages and persuades, based on Google’s E-A-T fundamentals
  • Through building a natural backlink profile for our Casino clients, that Google wants to see
  • Our team are engaging, highly knowledgable and approachable
  • We don’t charge you £10,000+ a month to get you ranking for a handful of irrelevant keywords that don’t generate gaming revenue!

So if you own a casino and are looking to improve on your organic search engine positions for a fair price, then why not request a FREE SEO Audit with Stack today?

Casino and Gambling Seo Keyword Strategy

SEO Strategy

When it comes to Casino SEO, we typically focus your search engine strategy around three different keyword sets:

  • Track 1: Generic Terms, e.g. Online Casino, Online Slots, Slot Games
  • Track 2: Branded Terms, e.g. BetFred Casino, 888, Paddy Power Offers
  • Track 3: Intent-driven Terms, e.g. Play Rainbow Riches, Get Free No Deposit Spins

Then we spend time with our Casino client to go through all of the keywords that we will be targeting for top-3 organic placement, forming part of our Keyword Research activity.

Technical Casino SEO

Casino SEO - Technical Search

Technical Search Engine Optimisation counts for about 30 % of our overall Casino SEO activity. It involves making sure that your casino technically meets the requirements of the search engines.

It includes over 200 individual factors, from Crawling and Site Indexing to your casino platform’s User Experience, Navigation and site structure.

At this stage of activity, Stack will undertake a detailed Technical Site Audit of your Online Casino Platform, incorporating all of the important Google Technical SEO ranking factors.

Then we will work closely with your web developers to make sure that all of the key technical elements have been worked on, in order to achieve optimum search engine optimisation.

On-Page SEO Strategy

On-Page Casino SEO

On-page SEO factors takes up around 40% of your total search campaign strategy and have a significant influence on where Google decides to place your online casino in the SERPs. One of the most important on-page factors is META Data. This is what we use to tell Google what that particular webpage is all about.

Other key on-page SEO factors include:

  • URL Structure
  • H1-H6’s
  • Image ALT Tags + Optimisation
  • On-site Content Creation and Implementation
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research and Analysis

When it comes to on-site content, what makes a great Casino Content Marketing Strategy is by creating content that is linkable both externally and internally, and by making sure that it is well-written and persuasive, i.e. does it encourage players to register, deposit and play? Does the content give guidance and great back-up information relating to specific slot games, betting offers etc?

Off-page SEO Strategy

Off-page Casino SEO

Off-page SEO is the final piece of the casino SEO jigsaw and counts for the final 30%. It references all of the various search engine optimisation activities that take place “off site”.

The way that the search engines see your Casino site comes down to factors like trustworthiness, relevance, suitability and authority, and off-page / off-site SEO has a big impact on these factors.

Here’s what Off-page SEO includes:

  • Backlinks (Manual / Organically Created)
  • Linkable Assets (Well-designed Creative Content that users want to link to, e.g. Infographics)
  • Social Media Presence (Links and Mentions)
  • Guest Blogging (External Articles / Posts with links back to your Casino’s webpages)
  • Online PR (Press releases created, edited and submitted to mainstream media outlets)
  • Influencer Marketing (Celebrity Endorsed Links / References)

Google, the only search engine that seems to matter nowadays, was founded on the basis that, if users provide a link from their website to another, that ‘other’ website automatically becomes more trustworthy and authoritative, therefore Google will rank this site better than the rest for appropriate search terms. It’s like when an author writes a novel/article then references others by way of citations. You’re saying to Google “Hey, this is worth checking out because we got useful content/info from them”.

Stack’s Work with casinos and the online gambling sector

Our journey into working with Online Casinos and the Gambling Sector started many years ago when we learned that by making quite small Technical and On-page SEO ‘tweaks’, we could make a huge difference to a particular client when it came to page-1 organic rankings.

Today we have evolved the agency to cover all aspects of Casino and Gambling SEO, working with everyone from The Phone Casino and Free Daily Spins, to, Casino Guides and WinRoxy99.

We have adapted to the evolving requirements of SEO in the Online Casino sector by seamlessly blending Technical, On-page and Off-page SEO Techniques.

Better Analysis and Reporting

When you come on board with us we ensure that you are all set-up with detailed reporting and analytical tools, because you will want to know how well our SEO team is performing relative to agreed KPI’s for your Casino site.

We use a blend of the following SEO and Project Management tools:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Developer Tools
  • SEM Rush
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Trello
  • JIRA
  • Basecamp

We find that these best in class software solutions give us the ultimate suite of both analytical and monitoring systems, giving you, our client, full transparency when it comes to a) the daily activity we are delivering and b) the actual results being generated.

Technical On-page SEO
Content Marketing
Link Strategy
Link Acquisition
Local Search
National and International SEO

Drive Website traffic and conversions

By developing a deep understanding of your online strategy, Stack Digital will formulate a list of keywords to target based on both brand and generic. Then we will work with your team on Technical Search, Content Marketing and Link Acquisition, with the goal of generating profitable player traffic and conversions.


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